Keeping a Positive Attitude

Thoughtful Meditation

It is a challenge to keep/get/stay balanced in one’s life. Believing in the power of  positive attitude, I really try not to let the negativity creep in, as it so often seems to want to do. Like a deep dense cold wetness it can cloud my view and dampen my spirits. It really takes a conscious and immediate effort to stop it and turn it around before it gets its steely grip on me. Sometimes it can be the attitudes around me that can get that shift started, I have to try not to judge but remember that each one of us is on a journey, learning along the way what keeps us moving in the right direction.

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Well the key, I’ve found, is not to procrastinate! Because the time you have set aside for studying and homework, just might run into some unexpected interference…and then it gets chaotic!


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I am new to blogging, and so I’m really hoping this turns out, but I took this picture out my window last night & I like the effect of the fog and my big maple framing the moon. I am fairly new to Photography & so Im trying to put the things I am learning into practice! Thanks for looking & sharing!

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A Lunar Treat

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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